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Water Blooming 

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, South Tyrol, Italy 2015 

Here is the place where mountains of South Alps rise and where is like a "Navel of the Earth". Ichi Ikeda's work "Water Blooming" is breathing at the center of this naval, in the Gardens of Trauttmandorff Castle, where is ranked amongst the most beautiful botanical complexes in th e world in 2013. 

_MG_9529 のコピー.jpg

The floating installation is made by a crossed structure formed by tanks that show at their ends pictures that portray hands. The hands divert the water into currents converging in the center of the cross, where a pump re-directs them into the lake.

IMG_0222 のコピー.jpg

This sort of eco-sustainable circulatory system symbolizes the movement of the waves. The cross is surrounded by hexagonal cells, they are partly empty partly filled with lotus flowers and stand for the buds of this eco-system.

_MG_5880 のコピー.jpg

In the site like an "umbilicus of the world" Water Blooming represents the rebirth of the eco-system.

_MG_6127 のコピー.jpg
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