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Earth Home

Kiguchiya village, Makurazaki, Kagoshima, Japan 2011 

"Kiguchiya village" is on a hill  at an altitude of 140 meters in Makurazaki-city, Kagoshima, Japan. This village is what is called marginal village, where about 30 houses exist and the average age is over 70 years old. However, there are plantations of tea and that of orange in the whole extent that has about 1 km, this village's flag fluttering at back mountain. We can overlook Makurazaki city area, its harbor, and the East China Sea. I felt directly that this place is the village of "heaven".

Then the Art project that has unprecedented contents and scales started, which intended to transform this marginal village into "Earth Home". We make  public squares which compose "Earth Home" at three empty lots and sites of plantation in the first year.


Its full length is 50m, 


From there we can overlook the East China Sea,

and along with a stream, 

Making common space for resting, playing, or studying arise in this village......That is to say everyone here is "resident of Earth Home".




                                Ichi Ikeda (IKEDA WATER 2/2 PM4)

Arrow-shaped Water Hall


A white path is extended penetrating the front of Water Hall. the "80 Liter Water Boxes" are in line where white sands cover, which are the volcanic soils only in Kagoshima. These Water Boxes are printed with photos of man's hands drawing and carrying water. There are also photos of hands of Kiguchiya's residents, peoples who took part in creating Earth Home, and visitor of here. Those are the messeges, each of which intend to send precious water to the future.


We go up top path of the hill with three steps, then we can overlook Arrow-shaped Water Hall whose width is about 50m.

We can see  obviously this tip in the shape of arrow pointing to the East China Sea. Then, that arrow appears to be the bow and that Water Hall to be the big ship at anchor for sailing to the East China Sea. Everyone who visits here is like that ship's crew.

アンカー 1

Heavenly Hall

I really understand that this is the heavenly village, climbing the slope maintained by residents for building "Earth Home". We can overlook below Makurazaki city, Makurazaki harbor, and the East China Sea.

I want to make this space where we can appreciate the flowery time that once residents of this village had enjoyed the cherry blossoms. "Heavenly Hall" is a festival place for each.

アンカー 2

Green Study

 This is the place like inner parlor, surrounded by wooded area and made feel refreshed by the murmuring of a stream. While one appeal to the public the importance of undeveloped woodland near populated area, which concerns the variety of living thing, we can like  painter understand that importance, perceiving this plentiful vegetation. Feeling, learning, and thinking the latter, this place is exactly the living study. This inner parlor is convenient for "Green Study" of "Earth Home".

棚門 Shelf Gate

棚門 Shelf Gate

We can see easily "Shelf Gate" covered with reddish brown wall soil, crossing a little bridge over a brook. On that shelf, I place some plant, like wild roses or ivies, and soils around there. Instead of books on shelf, "Shelf Gate" has the index which reveal the variety of living things of this place. 

Cross-shaped Water

We can see "Cross-shaped Water", shaped into a cross as its name suggests, over "Green Study". The water, led from side brook and gushing into the center of this cross, give vitality to this cross, a symbol of Navel of the Earth. Please consider from which direction you can read the future, rounding "Cross-shaped Water".

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