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Delhi's First Public Art Festival 

48℃ Public. Art. Ecology. 

2008 12/12~21 Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India 

The festival's title, 48C Public. Art. Ecology, is thus an urgent reference to the exigencies of global  warmingwhich can be felt in Delh's continuously escalating summer temperatures, as also to the  frenzied paradoxes of citythat seems to be in perpetual, strident oerdrive, yet is also mutely  violently, 'runnng on emoty'.

commissioned by:
supported by:
Artistic Director and Curator:
Pooja Sood

as Future Water Vessel 

Hoping to grasp metropolitan  Delhi as 'Waterpolis' where all  people exist in equality with  water, the WATERPOLIS in Delhi  is presented as the Future Water Vessel rowing in the stream  flowing between the  Metropolitan Mega Dream and  the Community Aspiration. 

WATERPOLIS is now lying at anchor in Chandni Chowk to assemble 'crews' fighting with serious  water issues and conservation. 

Water Backpacking 

placards + 80 liters Water Boxes + bacpacking tools 


Be just a crew of Future Water Vessel !


Turning around the former fountain in front of the Town Hall, you can look at ten pieces of 'Water  Backpacking' including placards with various expression of hands scooping up water. 

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